Welcome to Command Area and Development Authority

The Command Area Development Programme, a Centrally Sponsored Programme of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India was launched in Manipur in the year 1982-83 after the creation of the Command Area Development Authority in 1982. Under this Programme, emphasis is laid on On-Farm-Development works like Development of field channels, field drains, land leveling, enforcement of proper system of Warabandi, supply of inputs and services including strengthening of extension services, selection and introduction of suitable cropping pattern, development and maintenance of the main and intermediate drainage and modernization, maintenance and efficient operation of irrigation system.

As a part of the Eleventh Plan objectives of the Government of India special thrust is being given to the following items.

  • Completion of OFD work on all on-going Projects.
  • Reliability on irrigation water supply.
  • Scientific utilization/management of Irrigation water.
  • Encouraging Farmers’ participation, through Water Users Association.
  • Dissemination of technical know-how among the farmers through continuous training programme.
  • Improving, stabilizing the environment in the Command Area by preventing incidence of water logging and possible salt concentration in the Soil.


The main objective of the Programme is to raise crop productivity level through utilization of created irrigation potential with the construction of field channels and other structures and enforcement of Warabandi System of irrigation. For identifying suitable varieties of crops Demonstration are conducted. In short, the programme is taken up with overall objectives of promotive scientific agriculture. Read More...